Upgrading From a Legacy Model to a 4th Generation Tablo

Tablo Support - Chris
Tablo Support - Chris
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What To Consider

If you have a legacy Tablo DVR and want to make the switch to 4th Generation, here is a detailed article on what you need to consider. 

In short, the major differences between our 4th Gen Tablo models and legacy Tablo devices are:

  • 4th Generation Tablo apps* require no TV Guide Data Service subscription. You get 14 days of rolling TV Guide data for free. 
  • 4th Generation Tablo apps not only display the over-the-air channels you are used to but also grant you access to +70 free streaming channels. Keep your old antenna, it will work with your 4th Generation Tablo as well.
  • You need a compatible iOS or Android mobile device to set up a 4th Generation Tablo.
  • 4th Generation Tablo DVRs can pick up the handful of ATSC 1.0 channels broadcast in MPEG-4, whereas legacy models cannot. This means, depending on your location, your 4th Gen Tablo may pick up even more channels.
  • All 4th Generation Tablo DVRs come with 50+ hours of internal storage. You can also connect an external hard drive for even more storage**
  • All 4th Generation Tablo DVRs come with whole-home streaming to compatible devices in your home. You will need a Wi-Fi network***
  • 4th Generation Tablo apps do not support Tablo Connect for out-of-home streaming or Automatic Commercial Skip. You can however still fast-forward and rewind content. 
  • 4th Generation Tablo DVRs are not available in Canada.

* We are currently working on making 4th Gen Tablo apps compatible with legacy Tablo models.

** Some, not all, legacy models also have internal storage. Specifically: Tablo DUAL 64GB OTA DVR, Tablo DUAL 128GB OTA DVR and Tablo QUAD 1TB OTA DVR.

*** Network-connected legacy models also offer whole-home streaming to compatible devices but TV-connected models are very limited in this respect.


To Make The Switch

After buying your 4th Generation Tablo to replace your legacy model, here's what you'll want to do to make the switch:


Cancel Your TV Guide Data and/or Premium Service Subscriptions

Your new 4th Gen Tablo won't need these subscriptions. Unless you plan to also continue to use your legacy Tablo device, you can cancel your legacy Tablo subscription/s. You can find out how to do so here.


Set Up Your 4th Generation Tablo

You can physically swap your old legacy Tablo for your 4th Gen one. Your current TV antenna will be compatible.

If you are planning to continue using your legacy Tablo, you will need a second TV antenna or a splitter to connect your antenna to both Tablo units. Splitting your signal will reduce the overall signal strength coming to your Tablo devices, so you may need a more powerful TV antenna or a distribution amplifier to ensure both devices get strong signals from your TV antenna. 

Once your Tablo is connected, download the 4th gen Tablo app (dark blue) on your compatible iOS or Android mobile device and you will be walked through the setup. You can find more information about these steps here.


Download the 4th Generation App On Your Devices

Finally, make sure to download the 4th Generation Tablo App on all of your compatible smart TVs and streaming devices. When you launch the Tablo app it will automatically detect and connect to your Tablo as long as it's on the same home network as your streaming device or smart TV.


Optional - Add A Larger Hard Drive

To expand your 4th generation Tablo's storage, you can connect a 1 TB to 8 TB USB 2.0 or 3.0 hard drive and format it within the settings screen of the Tablo app. To get a grasp on how storage translates to play time, go here.

The process of connecting and formatting an external hard drive will delete all of the content on that drive. Legacy Tablo DVR recordings cannot be transferred to your 4th Gen DVR.

Hard drives smaller than 1TB, USB flash drives and network-attached storage are not compatible.