A Guide for Existing Tablo Customers Considering the 4th Generation Tablo Device/Apps

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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With the announcement of the new subscription-free 4th Generation Tablo device, existing Tablo customers may be wondering how this affects their current Tablo experience.

As outlined in the announcement blog, nothing changes for current customers and no action is required.


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Tablo Apps and Compatibility

The new Tablo apps are not yet compatible with legacy Tablo hardware devices, but later this year a firmware update will be available for legacy network-connected Tablo hardware models to make them compatible with the new Tablo app experience.

In the meantime, owners of legacy Tablo hardware devices should continue to use the legacy Tablo apps with the light blue, orange and white branding. 



For network-connected Tablo devices, the firmware update will simply enable customers to use the new Tablo app experience. It will not disable access to current subscription features or legacy apps.

After the firmware update, owners of legacy network-connected Tablo devices can try out the new apps and see if they like them or keep using the legacy apps to keep the same Tablo experience they've been enjoying for years.

Specific details for the firmware update on legacy TV-connected HDMI Tablo devices have not yet been determined due to the complexity of the 'app' being part of the operating system on the device itself. As we evaluate the best path forward for those devices, we will try to provide as much flexibility and choice as possible for customers.


Legacy Tablo Hardware Subscriptions 

An active TV Guide Data Service subscription will always be required to use advanced features on legacy Tablo models using legacy Tablo apps.

Some of the subscription-only features current customers enjoy today are not available or will not be made available in the new Tablo app experience

However, when the future firmware upgrade to legacy Tablo models is made available, legacy Tablo owners can try out the new Tablo app experience and cancel their subscription if they decide to make the switch.

Legacy Tablo hardware subscriptions are not transferrable to the new 4th Generation Tablo as they do not require or recognize subscriptions. 


Considerations For Current Tablo Customers

Current Tablo customers should review the following considerations before switching to a 4th Generation Tablo device or using the new Tablo app experience when it becomes available on legacy Tablo models:


Does Not Support Tablo Connect
The new Tablo app experience and the 4th Generation Tablo do not support Tablo Connect. Owners of network-connected legacy Tablo models who rely on this feature should keep this in mind.


Does Not Support Premium Service/Automatic Commercial Skip
The new Tablo app experience does not support Premium Service subscriptions or Automatic Commercial Skip. Existing Tablo customers who still use this now sunsetted feature should keep this in mind.


Different App Support
The new Tablo app experience does not currently support Apple TV, this will change coming month.

The 4th Generation Tablo does not currently offer support for PC or MAC.


Features Still In Development 
Several popular features are still in development within the new Tablo app experience including guide screens on iOS and Android mobile, conflict resolution and quick channel select. The ability to manage your 4th Generation Tablo device remotely on iOS and Android mobile devices is also in development.


Recordings & Schedules From Legacy Tablo Devices Cannot Be Transferred
As the 4th Generation Tablo uses a different type of recording format, you cannot move existing recordings or recording schedules from legacy network-connected or TV-connected Tablo devices to the newest Tablo.


Not available in Canada 
The 4th Generation Tablo is not available to consumers in Canada as the integrated free streaming channels are licensed only for customers in the United States.