How To Cancel Your Legacy Tablo's Guide Data Service Subscription

Tablo Support - Derek
Tablo Support - Derek
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This article refers to the optional subscription applicable only to legacy Tablo models. The new 4th Generation Tablo does not require or support any kind of subscription.


To cancel your Tablo TV Guide Data Service subscription you will first need to log into your Tablo account (

After you've logged in you will need to navigate to SUBSCRIPTIONS and then click the OPTIONS button next to the Tablo subscription you wish to cancel.



Please take a moment to fill out our short cancellation survey. The button to cancel the subscription can be found at the bottom of the survey page.

Cancellation Survey.png

Next, you will need to select if you would like to cancel the subscription immediately or if you would prefer to cancel at the end of the current billing period.

Please note, if you cancel immediately, you will not receive a refund for any unused portion of your subscription.


After the subscription has been cancelled the Tablo account page will display when the subscription is ending. 



The Tablo Premium Service subscription is canceled in a similar way. Simply select the Premium Service rather than the TV Data Guide Data Service.




The Premium Service subscription needs the TV Guide Data Service subscription to function. In that regards, cancelling your TV Guide Data Service will also cancel your Premium Service subscription. You can however, cancel your Premium Service without it affecting your TV Guide Data Service.

You can find information on Premium Service subscriptions here.