4th Generation Tablo First Time Setup

Tablo Support - Elizabeth
Tablo Support - Elizabeth
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Check out a step-by-step video below, or keep scrolling for text and image instructions.


After you have downloaded the application to your iOS device and completed the Wi-Fi setup OR attached an Ethernet cord to your Tablo, you will be able to start the first-time setup of your new Tablo.

Please note this setup needs to be done using a mobile phone, as computers are not compatible with the 4th generation Tablo.

Update Firmware

Once you have added your Tablo to your Wi-Fi network, you may be prompted to process a firmware update. Select ‘Start Update’ from the bottom of the screen.



It will take several minutes for your 4th generation Tablo to download and install the new firmware. Once this has been completed, your Tablo will reboot.








Location Request

Your location is required in order to provide accurate TV guide data. Select the 'Next' button to proceed.



You will be prompted to verify your Zip Code or Postal Code. If this is incorrect, select the Zip Code or Postal Code provided so that you can enter the correct one.




Scan for Channels

With your antenna connected to the Tablo, complete a channel scan by selecting ‘Start Channel Scan’ from the bottom of the screen.




This scan can take several minutes, depending on how many channels are available. You will see the channels received slowly populate as the scan is completed.




Once the scan has been completed, you will see a list of all OTA channels available using your antenna, as well as streaming channels available. You can tell if the channel is being received by your OTA Antenna if you see the channel number listed on the left.




Streaming channels will be listed at the bottom of the channel scan. 



Select the channels you would like to add to your Live TV guide by tapping on them. Once your desired channels have been selected, select ‘Save & Continue’ from the bottom of the screen.




Downloading Schedule

The Tablo will need to download the first 24 hours of TV guide information before it will be ready to use. This can take several minutes.




Start Using Tablo

Once the first 24 hours of guide information has been downloaded, you will be shown a screen showing the setup has been completed, and you will see an option to ‘Start Using Tablo’.




Once you have selected this, you will be brought to the home screen of the Tablo and you are ready to start enjoying your 4th gen Tablo.