Are There Differences Between Supported Features on Different 4th Generation Apps?

Tablo - Chris
Tablo - Chris
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This article is specifically for 4th Generation Tablo apps. To see a version of this article on legacy Tablo apps, go here.


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Differences In Tablo Setup

You must have an Android or iOS device to set up your 4th Gen Tablo.

iOS phones and tablets have a broadcast tower locator tool to help you place and orient your TV antenna and the ability to format an external hard drive during setup.


Differences In Library Menu

iOS and Android phones and tablets have the coming soon (airings) and failed recordings screens.


Differences In Live Grid 

Android phones and tablets do not have live TV grid filters (all, favorites, recent).


Differences In Player

  • Android TVs / Fire TVs and Samsung smart TVs offer an in-player control tray that allows you to switch channels while playing live TV. It can also display information about the program you're currently viewing, upcoming episodes of said program and more.
  • Samsung and LG smart TVs do not offer closed captioning for OTA (Over-the-Air) channels.


Differences In Settings

All 4th Gen Tablo Models, no matter the app, support formatting an external drive for extra storage.


All 4th Gen apps have functionality to switch the Tablo DVR's LED on or off. Android TVs / Fire TVs and Samsung smart TVs also have the option to dim the LED, rather than completely disabling it. We recommend keeping your Tablo DVR's LED on, as it is an important diagnostic tool.


Differences In Shows, Movies and Sports

Smart TVs (as opposed to phones and tablets) have shows, movies and sports tabs. These enable you to browse for new and upcoming programs for these categories to watch or record.


Other Differences

  • Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV apps allow you to watch in-progress recordings from the start versus the currently airing position. This is not possible on mobile apps.
  • Android and iOS phones and tablets hold the forgot password button and enable you to add a new Tablo to your network.
  • iOS phones and tablets allow you to delete your account, right from the device.