Settings Screen Options for the 4th Generation Tablo

Tablo Support - Lauren
Tablo Support - Lauren
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For settings screen details for legacy apps, see the following articles:



The Tablo settings screen covers basic information about your DVR and allows you to adjust your Tablo's configurable settings.

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This section displays all of your account details including your email address, name and all connected Tablo devices. If you do have more than one device, you can also switch to a different Tablo device here.



Storage Overview

Displays the Internal Flash Drive status, capacity and the amount of storage space that is used. If you add an external hard drive to your Tablo, its status will be displayed here.

For details on how to add and format a new hard drive on your Tablo, go here.



Storage Options

Allows you to turn the auto-delete feature on or off. Tablo's auto-delete feature will keep a minimum amount of space free at all times. This ensures that your storage never reaches 100%.

Details on this feature can be found here.




General Options, Antenna Amplification

Allows you to enable/disable the optional built-in antenna amplifier



General Options, LED

The LED feature toggles the Tablo's blue LED light. Enabling this feature will turn the light on, and disabling it will turn it off.

The 4th Generation Tablo’s blue LED will flash white if the unit is experiencing a connectivity issue.

The unit’s LED will also blink white after firmware updates until the unit has checked onto our server.





Don't Record Duplicates: When enabled, your Tablo will not record the same airing (TV show or Movie) more than once if a copy already exists on your Tablo's hard drive. 

Extend Live Recordings: When enabled, your Tablo will automatically extend recording any live broadcasts by 30 minutes.





Edit Location: This feature brings up the Location dialog screen to allow you to change the location of your Tablo. 

Edit Channel Lineup: This feature brings up the Channel Dialog screen to allow you to re-scan for channels or to change the selection of channels that you would like included in the Guide and Live TV screens.



Update Guide: This feature tells you when your TV guide data listings were last updated. This time should always be within the last 24 hours. If not, this means your Tablo was not able to access the internet during its overnight maintenance window to download fresh guide data. You can use the UPDATE GUIDE NOW button to trigger this process outside of the overnight maintenance window.




Channel Lineup

This screen will display after selecting CHANNEL LINEUP. It will allow you to add or remove available channels for your Tablo Guide. Before making any changes here, we suggest first rescan your channels.



Surround Sound Passthrough

The Surround Sound Passthrough toggle app is a device-level setting. This was added to assist customers whose Android TV or Amazon Fire TV devices were not delivering Surround Sound when available even when connected to a setup capable of supporting 5.1 audio. Enabling this setting should bypass this issue and ensure the correct sound profile is delivered.




Platform Details

Platform details display the app version you are using.



About, Name

Allows you to customize the name of your Tablo.



About, Firmware

Any firmware updates available for your Tablo will appear in this section. See 4th Generation Tablo Firmware Tips and Tricks.



Viewing Data

Allows you to toggle the viewing data option on or off. You can read in-depth information about this setting here.