Legacy Tablo Settings Screen Options for Network-Connected DVRs

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Note: This article refers to Legacy Network-Connected Tablo TV Settings. For the Settings screen on the new 4th Gen Tablo, visit this page.


(Click here to see SETTINGS screen details for TV-connected Tablo DVRs like Tablo DUAL HDMI.)


The Tablo Settings screen covers basic information and your Tablo's configurable settings. 

The first section shows the status of your Tablo's subscription. Information for subscription management and registration can be found here:  http://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/sections/200343353-Subscriptions-Guide-Data



Hard Drive: 

Identifies the Hard Drive, its status, capacity and the amount of storage space that is used. If the Hard Drive becomes corrupted and unusable, a format option will be displayed to allow the drive to be reformatted to make it usable again.



Recording Quality:

The resolution of the video recorded on the Hard Drive can be selected using this control. The options are 1080p, 720p and Standard Definition (480p).


 Recording Quality

HD 1080

HD 1080

HD 720 

 HD 720


SD 480


10 Mbps

8 Mbps

5 Mbps

3 Mbps

2 Mbps


4.6 GB/hr

3.7 GB/hr

2.4 GB/hr

1.5 GB/hr

1 GB/hr



We have found that the best tradeoff in terms of the size of the recording, best use of Wi-Fi bandwidth and quality of the recording is 720p. Selecting 1080p will consume more bandwidth over the Wi-Fi network and will use more space on your disk and may not provide a significant improvement in quality.  


Your recording quality also impacts the way the Tablo stores the video on your hard drive. For example: Recording Quality set at 720p = 720p broadcast stored as 720p. Similarly, a 1080i broadcast will be transcoded to 720p and stored on the hard drive as a 720p recording.


If you are streaming video to multiple devices at the same time and experience stuttering (the video pauses and then resumes every few minutes), try reducing the recording quality. However, note that this will only affect new recordings and Live TV. Your old recordings will remain at the bandwidth specified by the quality setting when they were recorded.



The LED feature toggles the Tablo's blue light on the box. Enabling this feature will turn the light on, disabling it will turn it off.



Tablo Connect:

When enabled, this feature allows you to connect to your Tablo with a paired device from outside of the network. For more information on Tablo Connect view this article.


Edit Location: This will bring up the Location dialog screen to allow you to change the location of the Tablo. The location is used to find the correct guide data for the broadcast stations in your area. If this is not set to your physical location, incorrect guide data will be displayed.

Edit Channel Lineup: This will bring up the Channel dialog screen to allow you to re-scan for channels or to change the selection of channels that you would like included in the Guide and Live TV screens.

About: This will let you know the software revisions running on your Tablo and App. If a new version of the Tablo software is available, the software version information will be a selectable link. Selecting the link will begin the update process.


Smart Scheduling:



Don't Record Duplicates: With this Setting enabled, the Tablo will not record the same airing (TV show or Movie) more than once if a copy already exists on your Tablo's hard drive. 


Extend Live Recordings: With this featured enabled, the Tablo will automatically extend any live broadcasts by up to a maximum of 50% of their original length.

Example: A two hour sporting event goes into overtime. The Tablo will record up to an hour in addition to the first two. 


Enable fast live TV startup: This feature will speed up the time it takes for your Tablo to begin playing a live TV channel. If you are experiencing buffering, try disabling this feature. The Tablo will take a few seconds longer to being playing this channel, however this reduces the chances of buffering mid-stream.


Enable Leanback Mode (TV Interface) beta: This feature enables controller and keyboard navigation for the Tablo web app at http://my.tablotv.com/. Instead of using the mouse, all navigation is triggered by using the keyboard arrow keys and space bar. This feature is currently in beta. 


About: The Tablo will display its current firmware information in this section, along with the version of the Tablo app you are using. If there are any firmware updates available for the Tablo, they will appear in this section next to the "Tablo Device" field.