Connecting Tablo to your Wi-Fi Network

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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All types of Tablos have the option of being connected to your network either on Ethernet or on Wi-Fi

Generally speaking, a hardwired Ethernet connection will provide a faster and more reliable experience.

However, an Ethernet connection is not always possible.

For example, your router may not be reachable with an Ethernet cable if your Tablo is located far away - usually due to antenna placement. In this event, you can add your Tablo to your Wi-Fi network.


You only need to add your Tablo to your Wi-Fi network once. Once it has been added to your Wi-Fi network, all of your devices will be able to access your Tablo.


Based on the type of Tablo you have and the devices/application you are using, select the relevant guide below. 


4th Generation Tablo DVRs:


Legacy Network-Connected Tablo DVRs:


Legacy TV-Connected Tablo DVRs: