Creating a Manual Recording on Tablo DUAL HDMI or Tablo QUAD HDMI

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Manual recordings are the only way to schedule a recording when you have elected not to purchase a TV Guide Data subscription.

However, they’re also useful for active subscribers who want to set recordings with parameters outside of the norm – like an entire evening of programming in a single video file, or a one-time TV special you don’t want to forget to record that’s airing more than 2 weeks away.

Those with local TV channels re-airing newscasts multiple times a day under the same program name can also benefit from using a recurring manual program to only capture the newscast from a certain time frame each day.


Creating a Manual Recording

The screenshots below show the step-by-step process of creating a manual recording on your Tablo DUAL HDMI or Tablo QUAD HDMI. To create a manual recording, select the Scheduled view from the menu and select the '+ ADD NEW' button in the top right of the screen. 



The next screen will show you the manual recording template. Fill out the fields below to create your schedule.


Use the fields provided to enter:

  • A recording title so you can find your program in the RECORDINGS tab once the recording is complete.
  • A channel from which to record
  • A day or (days) on which to record
  • A time frame during which to record


For a repeating recording, the recording will be repeated each week for the days selected until the scheduled manual recording is deleted.




You can set a one-time or repeating manual recording.

man08.pngWhen you have finished entering the details of your manual recording, select 'Create'.


The scheduled recording will then be created and added to the SCHEDULED view. 
The purple flag indicates that it is a manual recording.


Selecting the manual recording icon will display a pop-up window showing the recordings scheduled for the next two weeks.  However, for a repeating recording, recordings will be automatically scheduled every two weeks until the manual recording is deleted.

Once recorded, manual recordings will appear in the RECORDINGS view for playback.