Setting up your Tablo DUAL HDMI

Welcome to the First Time Setup guide for your Tablo HDMI.


Before starting, please make sure that:

  1. You have plugged your Tablo DUAL HDMI's power adaptor into the back of the unit and a wall socket
  2. You have connected the included HDMI cable to your Tablo and your television
  3. You have turned on your television and selected the HDMI input your Tablo DUAL HDMI is connected to
  4. You have your Tablo DUAL HDMI's remote (included) handy for the rest of the setup process



What's Included In the Box:

Once the Tablo DUAL HDMI has booted up and and your television has been switched to the appropriate input, you'll be greeted by the Welcome to Tablo screen below:



Follow the prompts seen on the screen to complete the Tablo DUAL HDMI's setup.

First, the Tablo DUAL HDMI will need to connect to your network either on Wi-Fi or Ethernet. 



To setup on Wi-Fi, the Tablo HDMI will run a network scan of the available networks nearby. Select your network from this list, enter your password and select Continue to join the network.





Once your Tablo DUAL HDMI has successfully joined your network, you will be prompted to connect your OTA Antenna's coax cord to the Tablo DUAL HDMI's coax port.




Once your antenna is attached, manually enter the zip code or postal code of your location. This is used to download the guide data for the OTA channels your antenna receives.





Once you have finished confirming your location settings, the Tablo HDMI will prompt you to attach compatible storage.

Note: USB Flash sticks are NOT compatible with Tablo DUAL HDMI. For a list of compatible hard drives, visit this page.




In order to use your hard drive to store recordings, the Tablo DUAL HDMI will format the drive. The Tablo DUAL HDMI will ask you to confirm the format process before proceeding as this will erase the contents of the drive.





The Tablo DUAL HDMI will display this screen when the hard drive format has completed.


Next, the Tablo DUAL HDMI will conduct its first OTA channel scan. This process may take a few minutes depending on your reception.


You may want to scan several times with different antenna positions or orientations to maximize your channel selection. To start another scan, select Rescan.

Once you are satisfied that you are receiving the most available channels, you can enable or disable individual channels by selecting them individually. The Tablo DUAL HDMI will automatically add checkmarks to channels broadcast in high definition and channels with strong OTA reception.




Only channels with a checkmark will be enabled to watch live and to record programs. At this time, if there are channels you don't plan to watch that have a checkmark, you may remove them by selecting the checkmark.

When you are satisfied with the channel list, select the CONTINUE button to move to the next step.



Once the Tablo DUAL HDMI has finished downloading the guide data for your OTA channels, it will prompt you to enable a free 30-day trial of Tablo's Automatic Commercial Skip feature. You can learn more about this feature here.



Please note that Automatic Commercial Skip will use a small amount of external internet bandwidth, and requires a minimum upload speed. Those with very slow home internet service should not opt in to this service. 


Your setup is complete! You can now begin to enjoy OTA content on your Tablo DUAL HDMI. 



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