Tablo DUAL HDMI & QUAD HDMI Settings Options

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As TV-connected Tablo DVRs, Tablo DUAL HDMI and Tablo QUAD HDMI offer many similar settings as network-connected Tablo DVRs but also several new settings.

Keep reading to learn more about the SETTINGS on Tablo DUAL HDMI or Tablo QUAD HDMI. 




At the very top of the SETTINGS screen you can find information about the subscription status of your Tablo including how many days remain in your 30-day free trial if you've just started using Tablo. 

If you've just purchased a subscription, and it is not being reflected on your device, hitting the REFRESH button will ensure your Tablo's subscription status is synced with your Tablo subscription account.

Selecting MANAGE MY SUBSCRIPTION will show you whether your TV Guide Data and/or Premium Service subscriptions are active and their respective expiry dates. 




The storage section will provide information on the USB hard drive connected to your Tablo DUAL HDMI or Tablo QUAD HDMI and the space remaining on the drive.

AUTO-DELETE RECORDINGS is off by default, however enabling it will ensure you'll always have space for new recordings on your drive as it will automatically delete the oldest unprotected recordings from your drive is additional space is needed. 

If you choose to leave AUTO-DELETE RECORDINGS off, make sure to keep an eye on the available storage of your drive in settings.




The GENERAL section includes the following SETTINGS:

  • LED - Enables or disables the blue LED on the front of the Tablo. If you find the light distracting, you can disable it however it does provide information about your Tablo's status

  • COMMERCIAL SKIP DETECTION - Unless you've enabled this feature during setup, COMMERCIAL SKIP DETECTION is off by default. This enables the upload of a small portion of eligible completed recordings to the Tablo Commercial Skip Server for processing.



    • DISPLAY - Allows you to use AUTO SWITCH TO BEST RESOLUTION (on by default) or choose a specific display mode for video delivered to your television by your Tablo. 

    •  CEC - Off by default, this allows you to enable CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) so your Tablo DVR's remote can send commands to your television to control functions like volume and mute.  



    • SCREENSAVER - Allows you to choose between a CLOCK style (default) screensaver or COLORS style screensaver. 
    • WHEN TO START - Allows you to choose the time interval for the screensaver to begin. 


    • Allows you to change the WiFi network to which your Tablo is connected. 



The PLAYBACK section includes the following SETTINGS:

  • SURROUND SOUND PASSTHROUGH - Allows you to enable passthrough of 5.1 Surround Sound audio to your TV or receiver if they are capable to playing back this sound profile. If you're unsure whether to select this or experience issues with sound, keep this set to OFF. When set to OFF, the Tablo will convert the 5.1 Surround Sound audio to PCM (Pulse Code Modulation) audio to be output and sent to your television.


  • PCM VOLUME MODE - When SURROUND SOUND PASSTHROUGH is set to OFF, the VARIABLE setting allows you to continue to control the volume of programming on your Tablo DVR via the included remote. The FIXED setting will disable the volume keys on your Tablo remote and keep the volume set to 80% of maximum.





The SCHEDULING section affects how your Tablo DVR schedules recordings and includes the following SETTINGS:

  • DON'T RECORD DUPLICATES - On by default, this prevents Tablo from making duplicate recordings. When this feature is enabled, your Tablo will also prefer HD over SD quality broadcasts, and broadcasts with the best signal strength from which to record.

  • EXTEND LIVE RECORDINGS - On by default, this automatically extends recording time for airings marked as 'live' (including sports and specials as well as season/series finales) by 50% of the scheduled airing time, up to a maximum of 2 hours.



The GUIDE section affects how your TV channels appear in the interface and includes the following SETTINGS:

  • LAST UPDATED - Your Tablo will download fresh TV guide data every night when it has an active internet connection. Last updated shows the time of your last guide update, and UPDATE allows you to refresh the guide manually in the event that your Tablo has been disconnected from the internet for some time, or you are expecting a change in the schedule for an upcoming program.

  • LOCATION - Allows you to edit the location of your Tablo DVR to ensure the TV Guide Data being matched to the channels saved in your channel scan is correct for your local area. 

  • CHANNEL LINEUP - Allows you to edit (add/remove) channels from your lineup, and perform a RESCAN to search for new channels or changes if you've moved or changed your Over-the-Air TV antenna.





The ABOUT section provides details about your particular Tablo DVR including its serial number and includes the following SETTINGS:

  • NAME - Allows you to change your Tablo's name. Feel free to get creative!

  • TABLO FIRMWARE - Tells you which version of Tablo firmware your DVR is running.

  • CHECK FOR FIRMWARE UPDATE - Your Tablo will automatically check for new firmware updates every 24 hours and will prompt you to update to the latest version. This allows you to check for and process any pending updates immediately. 
  • CLEAR USER INTERFACE DATA - Select this option if you are experiencing connectivity issues or unknown errors. None of your user preferences or data will be deleted.
  • MORE INFORMATION - Includes additional deep-level details about your Tablo DVR as well as a handy RESTART button.