How to Run a Channel Scan with Your Legacy Tablo Device

Tablo Support - Derek
Tablo Support - Derek
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NOTE - Channel scan instructions for 4th generation Tablo devices can be found here

When you first set your Tablo up, the legacy Tablo app will walk you through running your very first channel scan.

But there may be other times when a new channel scan is needed including:

  • When you re-position your antenna due to reception issues
  • If a new station becomes available in your area
  • To get the most up-to-date information regarding signal strength


How to Run a New Channel Scan

To run a new channel scan, you will first need to connect to your Tablo using the legacy Tablo app on iOS, Android, Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, or Android TV, or by using the Tablo Web App in your browser (Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge recommended).


(Owners of Tablo DUAL HDMI or QUAD HDMI OTA DVRs can run a channel scan directly in the SETTINGS section of the user interface.)


Once connected, open the menu and select the SETTINGS option.

Scroll down until you find the GUIDE section.

Here's what this area looks like on the web app in your browser:



Select EDIT CHANNEL LINEUP to open a list of the channels currently in your lineup:




If you simply wish to remove a channel from your lineup, you can deselect it using the checkbox on the left. Once you're done, remember to select ADD TO GUIDE to save your changes.


To begin a new channel scan, select the RESCAN button, and the scan will begin.


While the scan is in progress, the ADD TO GUIDE button will remain inactive.

Once the scan is finished, you'll notice some channels will be automatically selected, while others will be deselected.

Tablo will, by default, choose the high-definition (HD) version of a channel over its standard definition (SD) counterpart, as seen with channels 6-1 and 6-2 in the scan above. Your Tablo will also deselect any channel that it identifies as having problematic reception.

When you've finished selecting the channels you want in your guide, select the ADD TO GUIDE button to finish the process. You will be returned to your settings page, and a new guide update will begin downloading. 

We recommend running a new channel scan once every 3 months.

If a broadcaster adds a channel in your area or changes the broadcast frequency of an existing station, running a regular channel scan will ensure you stay up to date on these potential content changes.