Legacy Tablo Web App Transition - Chrome Support for Tablo Ending

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Due to ongoing changes coming in Chrome, the Tablo web app running on the Chrome web browser will be blocked from accessing video streams from a Tablo device, even when it’s on the same secure local network.

We have been successful in obtaining another exemption to this rule so for the time being, the legacy Tablo web app is functional on Chrome. However, we may come to a point where exemptions are no longer granted. 


Why This is Happening

This is a result of Chrome enforcing a rule that disallows communication between the browser and local devices on a secure home network that does not use SSL encryption.

Tablo records and plays back unencrypted ATSC 1.0 broadcast TV streams. Since the source video is unencrypted, Tablo sends these streams over the Local LAN unencrypted. The Tablo encrypts control traffic for security but cannot do real-time encryption of high-bitrate video streams, as this has been unnecessary in the past.


The Good News

That being said, during this transition, Google has identified use cases like Tablo where forcing secure connections is not required. 

They have implemented a path whereby Chrome will allow users to grant certain websites the ability to bypass this unneeded security measure on their devices.

We are currently exploring whether this can be used for the legacy Tablo web app and will share more details in the coming weeks. 


Web App Alternatives

In the meantime, legacy Tablo owners can use the following web app alternatives:

Windows Users
Those with Windows PCs can download and install the Tablo Windows 10 desktop app or access the web app using the Firefox browser.


MAC Users
Users of MAC computers can continue to access the Tablo app at my.tablotv.com via the Safari browser for the time being. 

Linux Users

For our Linux users, we have validated that the Firefox browser supports most features of the Tablo web app at this time.