How to Connect your Tablo 4th Generation to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network.

Tablo Support - Kyle
Tablo Support - Kyle
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NOTE: This article applies to white 4th Generation Tablos only. If you have a black legacy Tablo, please see the article here.


If you wish to connect your Tablo to a hidden Wi-Fi network, you may do so as follows.


Before beginning, please ensure that your Tablo is plugged in. And that your phone is connected to the same network you wish to connect your Tablo to. The blue LED light on your Tablo should be pulsating.


Open the Tablo app on your mobile phone. You may be prompted to log in. If you do not have a Tablo account, select "I'M NEW TO TABLO" to create your account. If you already have a Tablo account, select "I ALREADY HAVE A TABLO ACCOUNT"




After logging in, press "CONNECT WITH WI-FI".




Press "NEXT"




You will then be taken to the next page. Wait for a prompt to appear asking you to join a temporary Wi-Fi network. Select "CONNECT" or "JOIN".




When prompted to select your home Wi-Fi network, press "JOIN OTHER NETWORK"




Enter the name and password for your hidden Wi-Fi network. Then select "SUBMIT"



You will once again be prompted to connect to a temporary Wi-Fi network. Select "CONNECT" or "JOIN"


The Wi-Fi setup is now complete. You will be automatically taken to the next page when your Tablo is ready. If prompted, follow the directions on screen to complete your Tablos first time setup.