4th Generation Tablo Wi-Fi Setup on iOS

Tablo Support - Elizabeth
Tablo Support - Elizabeth
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Check out a step-by-step video below, or keep scrolling for text and image instructions. 


Before opening the Tablo app, please ensure that your iOS device is connected to the Wi-Fi network that you would like the Tablo to be connected to.

Please note this setup needs to be done using a mobile phone, as computers are not compatible with the 4th generation Tablo.

Connect to Internet

In this step, you will be asked if you would like to connect your 4th generation Tablo to the network using Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Select ‘Connect with Wi-Fi'.



Check LED Indicator

As long as your Tablo does not have an Ethernet cord attached, its blue LED should be pulsing slowly. Take a look at your 4th generation Tablo to confirm its blue LED is blinking slowly.

Once you have confirmed this, select ‘Continue’ from the bottom of the page.



Connect to your Tablo

Your iOS device will need to connect to your 4th generation Tablo so that it can be added to your Wi-Fi network. Select the ‘Continue’ button. 



Next, select ‘Join’ when you see a pop-up menu asking if you would like to change networks.




From here, your iOS device will take a moment to connect to your Tablo.




Join your WiFi

Once your iOS device has connected to your 4th generation Tablo, you should see your home network’s name listed on the screen. If this is the network you would like to add your Tablo to, select ‘Use this Network’ and enter your Wi-Fi password.



If you would prefer to have your 4th generation Tablo connect to a different network than what appears, select ‘Scan for Other Networks’. From here, you will be provided a list of available networks to select, so that you can enter your Wi-Fi password.




Once you have confirmed your home Wi-Fi network and entered the password, the Tablo will attempt to  join the network. This process can take a couple of minutes.



Once your Tablo has successfully connected to your Wi-Fi network, its blue LED will stop flashing and turn solid blue. At this point, the Tablo application will guide you through the rest of the setup process.




You can follow along with the rest of the setup process here: https://support.tablotv.com/hc/en-us/articles/18377355383700