Enable or Disable the In-Line Antenna Amplifier On Your 4th Generation Tablo

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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The 4th Generation Tablo includes an optional in-line amplifier to help lock in over-the-air channels from your TV antenna.

While the amplifier is enabled by default, it can be disabled within the SETTINGS screen of your Tablo.



This setting should be disabled if:

  • You are already using an amplified TV antenna.
  • You live very close to your local broadcast TV towers.

In those cases, the in-line amplifier can overdrive the tuners in the Tablo leading to over-the-air TV antenna signal quality issues including video breakup or total signal loss. 


Once you have disabled the setting, it is advisable to run and save a fresh channel scan on your Tablo so your device can potentially discover channels that were too overdriven to be tuned during a previous scan.