Adding Missing Guide Data

Tablo David
Tablo David
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Since OTA guide data is organized through our guide data provider by zip/postal code, it’s possible that some new channels may not yet have their schedules loaded.




Identifying missing guide data is easy. Just check your live TV screen.

If the rows in the live TV screen for specific channels are blank on your Legacy Tablo, your Tablo is most likely missing the guide data for these channels.


If the rows in the live TV screen are blank and you own a Tablo 4th Generation it will state 'programming not available'. 


Update, March 2024: Recently, our guide data provider has become unwilling to work with us to add missing guide data for stations. This has been very frustrating and disappointing to both us and our customers.

Previously, we were able to create tickets with the provider and in most cases, the issue would be resolved within 7-10 business days.

Recently, the resolution rate has dropped significantly so we have decided to stop this practice in the short term. Instead, we are exploring other alternatives to give us more control over guide data provisioning and ensure that customers have listings for their entire channel lineup.


Going forward, if the guide data is not available for the channel(s) on your Tablo 4th Generation, you will see a 'Programming Not Available' message in place of the guide. 


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