Connecting Legacy Tablo to Wi-Fi while on Ethernet (iOS only)

Tablo David
Tablo David
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Note: This article contains instructions for connecting Legacy (Black) Tablos to WiFi using the Legacy Tablo iOS app. This app and method is not supported on the new 4th Gen (white) Tablo. For instructions to add the 4th Gen Tablo to your network, visit this section.


This article includes the steps required to add your Tablo to your Wi-Fi network while the Tablo is using an Ethernet connection.

First, make sure the Tablo is connected to its power supply while an Ethernet cord is connected to both the Tablo and your router. The Tablo's blue LED should be solid blue, and not flashing or pulsing.

If the blue LED is not solid blue, reboot the Tablo by tapping its blue reset button.

The Tablo's blue LED should stop flashing after 1-2 minutes, assuming it can connect to your router with the Ethernet connection.


Next, begin by downloading the Tablo app from the App store, then open the Tablo app on your iPad or iPhone.


If there any firmware updates available for your Tablo at this time, the Tablo app will give you the option to process them. We recommend selecting the 'Update' button if it is present, and then proceeding to the next step.



Next, you will be shown the 'Begin Setup' button. Instead of selecting this button, select the image of the Tablo on the top left of the screen, as shown in the image below.


This button is also present on most screens of the Tablo app, and can be selected to be brought to the next step of this guide.




You will be taken to the ‘Your Tablos’ screen. Select the 'Options' button.



Next, select the 'Edit Wi-Fi' button.



The Tablo app will display the screen below, indicating that it requires Location Permissions to complete the Wi-Fi setup process.



Select either of the 'Allow' buttons shown below to proceed.





Make sure you have your network name (SSID) and password (case sensitive) available.

The Tablo app will scan for and display nearby Wi-Fi networks.

Select your home network and enter the password.




Once you have typed in your password (which is case sensitive), select ‘Continue'.





The Tablo will attempt to join the network with the password you have entered. If the password you've entered is incorrect, or if the network rejects the Tablo’s attempt to join for any reason (bad password, poor Wi-Fi signal, latency issues, etc.) the Tablo app will prompt you to restart the Add via Wi-Fi process.




If the Tablo is successful in joining the Wi-Fi network, the screen above will be displayed. From here, remove the Ethernet cable from the Tablo and place the Tablo in its permanent location.