Legacy Automatic Commercial Skip Error Messages

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As of August 24th 2022, Premium Service/Automatic Commercial Skip is no longer available for purchase for legacy Tablo DVRs.

4th Generation Tablo DVRs do not support, nor need Premium Service. 4th Generation Tablo also does not support Automatic Commercial Skip.


Starting with firmware 2.2.26, legacy Tablo DVRs with active Premium Service Subscriptions have access to the Automatic Commercial Skip feature.

If enabled in your Tablo's settings screen, most compatible Tablo apps (Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV) will display commercial skip success or failure messages next to completed recordings.

The iOS & Android mobile and web apps are compatible with the feature but will NOT show success/failure messages. 



These messages are as follows:

SUCCESS Commercial Skip is ready.
NETWORK Commercial Skip upload failed.
UNSUITABLE Recording does not meet criteria for Commercial Skip.
FILTERED Program ineligible for Commercial Skip.
RECEPTION Commercial Skip detection failed due to poor reception.
OTHER FAILURE Commercial Skip detection failed.


Commercial Skip is Ready
This message indicates that the commercial skip process is complete and your recording is ready to enjoy without commercials.

Commercial Skip Upload Failed
This message indicates that your Tablo was unable to upload data to the commercial skip server due to an internet connectivity slowdown or outage on your Tablo's home network. If you see this message regularly, please check your Tablo's connection to the internet and ensure that your ISP upload speed meets the minimum requirement of 1 Mbps (although 3 Mbps is recommended). 

Recording Does Not Meet Criteria For Commercial Skip
Recordings that are less than 15 minutes long or have an abnormal amount or length of commercial breaks will be rejected by the commercial skip processing server. 

Program Ineligible for Commercial Skip
Recordings from certain networks (PBS & TVO) and program types (manual programs) are ineligible for Commercial Skip processing and will be filtered. Some older programs, like Bonanza, are also currently ineligible

Commercial Skip Detection Failed Due to Poor Reception
While recordings completed during periods of especially poor over-the-air reception won't be eligible for upload at all, recordings with spotty reception can still fail commercial skip processing due to errors in the broadcast stream. If this is an error you see consistently, try improving the positioning of your over-the-air antenna.

Commercial Skip Detection Failed 
This message is shown when the source of the error is unclear or unknown but is generally related to a problem with the commercial skip process itself. 

If you are not seeing these messages on completed recordings in your Tablo app, please check that your Tablo is running firmware 2.2.26 or higher and that you are viewing the list of recordings from within a compatible application. 

If you believe the Automatic Commercial Skip error messages being displayed are incorrect, please touch base with Tablo Support with specific details.