Tablo Refer-A-Friend Program FAQs

Tablo Support - Lauren
Tablo Support - Lauren
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Have questions about Tablo's Refer-A-Friend Program? You're in the right place!


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What is Tablo's Refer-A-Friend Program?

Tablo’s Refer-A-Friend Program is a great way for anyone* to share their love for free TV and get rewarded.

By referring friends, you can earn a $20 gift card to, or, 45 days after your referred friend successfully purchases any Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR model on 

Plus, each friend you refer gets a discount code to take $20 off their first purchase of any Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR on

*This program is for US residents only. 


How Does the Tablo Refer-A-Friend Program Work?

The process is simple:

Share Your Unique Referral Link 

  • Visit the Refer-A-Friend Page.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Enter your friend’s email address to share your unique Tablo referral link and send them a $20 discount.

Your Friend Redeems Their $20 Discount

  • Your friend will be sent an email with your referral link.
  • Your friend clicks on your referral link to get their $20 discount code.
  • Your friend immediately uses this discount code to purchase a Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR on

Your friend won't receive the referral link or code if they've opted out of emails from Tablo.


Enjoy Your Reward

45 days after your friend completes their purchase using your referral link, you’ll be sent an email to redeem your $20 gift card for, or

Tablo is not endorsed, sponsored or affiliated by or with Amazon, Best Buy or Walmart.


May I Submit Myself, or Someone In My Household?

You may not submit your own email address as a referral, nor can you refer anyone in your household.


When Will I Receive My Gift Card?

For every successful referral, you will be rewarded $20 in the form of a gift card. Your gift card redemption email will be sent to you 45 days after your friend successfully purchases a Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR on using your referral link.

Gift cards are subject to terms and conditions thereon. Void where prohibited.


What Is a Successful Referral?

A referral is only considered successful or ‘completed’ if the following requirements are met:

  • It must be your friend's first purchase on
  • The home network used to click on the referral link must match the home network used to complete the purchase. 

For example, if your friend clicks on the referral link at work but then makes their purchase at home, you will not receive the $20 gift card.


Which Tablo Products are Eligible for the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Any 4th Generation Tablo OTA DVR model purchased on is eligible for the Refer-A-Friend Program. Legacy Tablo models are not eligible for this program. 


Can My Friend Combine Their $20 Referral Discount With Other Discount Codes?

No. Your $20 referral discount code may not be combined with other discount codes. So, if you are already applying a discount code to your order, you can not apply this discount as well.


What Happens If My Friend Receives a Referral Discount from Me and Someone Else?

Your $20 referral discount code cannot be combined with any other referral codes. Each referral discount code can only be redeemed once per order per recipient.


My Friend Purchased a Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR, Why Didn’t I Receive my $20 Gift Card?

If your friend returns their Tablo 4th Generation OTA DVR within 45 days of purchase, you will no longer be eligible to receive the $20 gift card for that referral. Purchases made without using the unique referral link and code and purchases made on other retail partner sites are not eligible.

This does not affect any other referrals you may have in progress.


Is There a Limit to the Number of People I Refer?

Absolutely not – you can share your Tablo referral link as many times as you want to.
Remember: The more you share, the more you'll earn.

This program is only eligible for individuals and not eligible for, including but not limited to, Tablo resellers, antenna installers/partners, affiliate partners and retailers.


Who Should I Contact if I have Questions About the Refer-A-Friend Program?

Need assistance or are curious to know more about our Refer-A-Friend Program? Our support team is here for you! Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.