Tablo Won't Connect to Network (via Ethernet)

Tablo David
Tablo David
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Once your Tablo is connected to your network it uses DHCP to get an IP address, Gateway address and DNS address from your router. If it is successful, the LED will stop its slow blink and become solid.

If the Tablo LED continues to blink slowly (once per second) try the following steps:

  • Make sure the Ethernet port on your router is connected to your Tablo. 
  • Press and quickly release the Tablo reset button. It's on the upper right of the back of the device for legacy Tablo DVRs. It's on the bottom of 4th Gen Tablo DVRs.
  • Power cycle the Tablo.
  • Power cycle your router.
  • Make sure that DHCP is turned on in your router settings.
  • Check if other devices connected to your router are functional.
  • Try a different Ethernet cable.

If this does not work, you can unplug the Ethernet connection, power cycle the Tablo and see if you can find the Tablo Wi-Fi network “Tablo_XXXX” in the list of Wi-Fi networks on your wireless device (e.g. iPad). Tablo will switch to Wi-Fi mode if no Ethernet cable is connected. If you can see the Tablo Wi-Fi network, it would suggest that Tablo is operational and that the fault could be in your home network.