Rebooting Your Tablo 4th Generation and Legacy Network-Connected DVR

Tablo David
Tablo David
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This article contains information on how to reboot 4th Generation Tablo and legacy network-connected Tablo DVRs. If you are trying to reboot or troubleshoot a Tablo HDMI, visit this page.

To determine what kind of Tablo you have, go here.


If you run into trouble with your Tablo DVR, a non-invasive troubleshooting step is to try rebooting it.

  • To reboot a 4th Generation Tablo DVR, simply press and quickly release its reset button on the bottom of the unit.
  • To reboot a legacy network-connected Tablo DVR, press and quickly release its reset button which is is blue and is located on the rear upper right-hand corner of the unit.



On either model, the blue LED on the front of the Tablo will begin to flash rapidly for a few seconds indicating a reboot process has started. Once the LED has turned solid, your Tablo is connected and ready for use.


If you'd prefer to Factory reset your Tablo back to its default settings, the instructions can be found here.