How to Enable Closed Captions (CC) on the 4th Generation Tablo

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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The 4th generation Tablo supports closed captioning on most apps including:

  • iOS mobile
  • Android mobile 
  • Roku
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Android TV
  • Google TV

On Tablo apps except for Roku, to enable closed captioning simply hit PAUSE or press DOWN on the directional pad to bring up the player controls. 



On the far right-hand side of the player controls tray, you'll see a toggle for captions. This will be off by default, but you can enable captions by hitting SELECT or ENTER on the toggle. 

On Roku, closed captioning can be enabled by pressing the STAR (*) button on the Roku remote.




Once enabled, captions will be displayed on content where closed captions are available. 



The look and feel of the captions themselves will depend on the platform-level settings of your viewing device (usually found under ACCESSIBILITY). 

These settings will allow you to adjust not only when closed captions appear, but the size, background color, and in some cases even the font. Of all platforms, Roku has the most robust set of closed captioning customization options.

Get instructions for adjusting closed captioning for RokuAmazon Fire TV, and Chromecast with Google TV.