Legacy Tablo - How to Protect Recordings From Auto-Delete

Tablo David
Tablo David
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This is a legacy article. A 4th Generation version of it will be available soon.


Legacy Tablo DVRs use the auto-delete feature to remove old recordings to make room for new ones. However, you can always choose to protect selected recordings from deletion.

Within the Recordings screen of all Tablo apps, a Protect option can be found for each recording.



On most platforms this will disable the Delete button on the recording, requiring a user to Unprotect it before being able to delete.



On the Tablo web app, Windows 10 and Android mobile, a user will still be able to delete the recording but will receive a confirmation pop-up before the recording is deleted. 



If you have a smaller hard drive and protect a significant amount of content, it could lead to unprotected recordings being deleted before you can view them or cause your drive to fill up completely.