Resolve Recording Conflicts on Your Legacy Tablo DVR

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Note: This article refers to features available on the Legacy Tablo and its applications.

Recording conflicts arise when you try to schedule more recordings in a timeslot than your Tablo has available tuners.

A two-tuner Tablo can record up to two shows at once, and a four-tuner Tablo up to four.




In your Tablo app or interface, there are three indicators of a recording conflict:

  • A red triangle in the corner of a series set to record
  • A red underline in the live TV grid
  • A red exclamation point in a circle






Programs marked as conflicts won't record, as the shows you've set first will take priority.

All Tablo apps (with the exception of Roku) will allow you to select RESOLVE CONFLICT when you select an airing marked as a conflict.




This will reveal a list of airings scheduled in that time slot and allow you to un-schedule one or more programs to resolve the conflict.