Which Browsers can I use with Tablo?

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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MAC computer users can access the Tablo web app at http://my.tablotv.com/ via the Safari browser.

Support for the web app on Windows PCs via Chrome the browser is ending soon in favor of Tablo's Windows 10 app

  • Note:  As of version 95.0. the Microsoft Edge browser has made changes that prevent the Tablo web app (http://my.tablotv.com/) from being supported on this browser. 


The Tablo account portal at https://account.tablotv.com/ (for subscription management) is supported on both PC and MAC via Chrome and Safari.


If you are using any of these browsers and run into any issues, make sure your browser is up to date and disable any plugins your browser is running.


If you experience any unexpected errors while using either the Tablo Web App or Tablo Subscription portal, make sure you are using a supported browser/operating system combination.

While other browsers may function, they have not been optimized and can cause problems.