What Smart TV models or brands have a Tablo app?

Tablo supports most of the following Smart TV brands and styles:

  • Roku Smart TVs (multiple manufacturers)
  • Amazon Fire TV Edition Smart TVs (multiple manufacturers)
  • Smart TVs running an Android TV operating system (multiple manufacturers)
  • Select LG Smart TVs running LG webOS 3.0+
  • Select Samsung Smart TVs running the TIZEN OS (US only)

If you’re planning to rely on your Smart TV for your primary Tablo viewing experience, please search the app store on your television before making your Tablo purchase to avoid disappointment.

Televisions running Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV are virtually guaranteed to have a Tablo app.

However, LG and Samsung Smart TVs both use proprietary app stores which offer a fractured and limited app selection. Tablo cannot guarantee that a native app will be available on those platforms.

If your LG or Samsung Smart TV does not have a Tablo app, or you have a Vizio Smart TV which is not supported, you will need to use a supported streaming device to access Tablo content on your television.

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