Setting Up Your Tablo on Roku

To complete setup of your new Tablo via a Roku player, Roku stick, or Roku-enabled Smart TV you must:

  • Connect your Tablo to your home WiFi router via Ethernet (setup via WiFi is not supported and must be done via web or mobile apps)
  • Use the latest version of the Tablo channel/app (minimum version 2.14.0

To add the Tablo channel/app on Roku go to:


Once the app is downloaded, you can begin setting up your Tablo.

1. Ensure You Have What You Need to Complete Setup

You will need an active internet connection, an Over-the-Air TV antenna, and a supported form of recording storage (if your Tablo does not come with onboard storage). 



2. Process Firmware Updates If Required

This will ensure your Tablo is running the latest and greatest firmware version. 



3. Ensure Your TV Antenna Is Connected

Make sure the coaxial cable is securely attached to the coaxial port on the rear of your Tablo. 



4. Select & Confirm Your Location

Location data is used to provide the correct TV Guide Data for your area. 


Depending on your location, you'll be asked to enter a ZIP or POSTAL CODE. 





5. Give Your Tablo a Name

This will make it easy for you to identify your Tablo, especially if you have multiple Tablo DVRs in your household or are upgrading from a previous model. This can be changed at any time in the future. 



6. Ensure You've Connected a Supported Recording Storage Device

If your Tablo does not come with onboard storage, a supported form of recording storage must be connected. For required storage specs and recommendations for your Tablo, visit the Setup & Networking page.



7. Format Your Recording Storage

Tablo will then format your recording storage for use with Tablo. This will erase all data on the drive, including partitions. 


Select the button marked 'FORMAT' to proceed. Its location may be different than shown below. 


Formatting a brand new drive should only take a few seconds. Formatting a previously used drive will take a bit longer (between 30-90 seconds depending on the size). 



8. Channel Scan

Your Tablo will immediately begin scanning for Over-the-Air TV channels available in your area. 


Recommended channels (those broadcast in HD quality with five green dots indicating excellent signal strength) will be pre-selected with checkmarks.

You may select other channels (those in SD quality) but we do not recommend selecting channels with marginal or poor signal strength (yellow or red dots).  

You can also choose to de-select channels that you do not plan to watch like home shopping or foreign language networks at this time.

Are some channels you wish to receive showing marginal reception? You may wish to re-position your antenna and select RESCAN in order to improve signal reception before selecting SAVE & CONTINUE. 



9. Enabling Automatic Commercial Skip

All new Tablo DVRs are eligible for a 30-day trial of all subscription-based services. Your TV Guide Data Service subscription trial will be activated automatically, but you must opt in to your Premium Service subscription trial which enables Automatic Commercial Skip on completed recordings. 


Please note that Automatic Commercial Skip will use a small amount of external internet bandwidth, and requires a minimum upload speed. Those with very slow home internet service should not opt in to this service. 



10. Final Preparations 

Once your Tablo has downloaded the first 24 hours of TV Guide Data, it will be ready to enjoy!


While this happens, you may see some handy Tablo tips displayed on the screen. 


11. Your Tablo Is Ready!



We hope you enjoy your Tablo experience!

If you run into any problems during setup, don't hesitate to touch base directly with our helpful support team


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