Connecting Tablo to Wi-Fi with iOS 13+

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Once you have taken your Tablo out of the box and you have attached the power, antenna and hard drive, you are ready to add the Tablo to your Wi-Fi network.


Begin by downloading the Tablo app from the App store, then open the Tablo app on your iPad or iPhone. You will be taken to the main ‘Add a new Tablo’ screen. 





Next, the Tablo App will instruct you to do two things:

  • Have a secured home Wi-Fi network (WPA/WPA2) and know its password 
  • Turn off ‘Cellular Data’ in your iOS device’s Settings screen. You can do this by navigating to SETTINGS > CELLULAR.




For the ‘Add Via Wi-Fi’ process to work correctly, your Tablo should not have anything attached to its Ethernet port. If there is an Ethernet cable attached to the Tablo, remove it and reboot the Tablo.


The Tablo’s blue LED will settle into one of the two blinks as shown below. These LED blink patterns will be animated in the Tablo app to indicate what you should expect. Once you have confirmed the Tablo’s blue LED is flashing correctly, proceed to the next screen to Begin Wi-Fi Setup.




The next screen will instruct you to connect to your Tablo’s unique network.



To do this, leave the Tablo app and navigate to the iOS SETTINGS screen. Select Wi-Fi under the SETTINGS menu.

Your Tablo's unique network will appear in the Wi-Fi list. To connect to your the Tablo's WiFi network, select it from the list. A check mark will confirm that you have successfully connected to it.



Once you have connected to your Tablo’s Wi-Fi network, return to the Tablo app. It will prompt you to select your home network and enter the password.




Once you have typed in your password, select ‘Join'.




The Tablo will attempt to join the network with the password you have entered. If the password you've entered is incorrect, or if the network rejects the Tablo’s attempt to join for any reason (bad password, poor Wi-Fi signal, latency issues, etc.) the Tablo app will prompt you to restart the Add via Wi-Fi process.


If the Tablo is successful in joining the Wi-Fi network, its blue LED will turn solid blue and stop flashing. The Tablo app will begin searching for your Tablo on the network.




Once the Tablo has joined the network and been found by the Tablo app, you will be greeted by the screen below. From here, you can begin formatting your hard drive, scanning for channels, and using your Tablo! 




NOTE - Once WiFi setup is complete, do not be alarmed that you no longer see the Tablo_XXXX network in your list of nearby WiFi networks. Tablo's unique WiFi network will ONLY appear during the WiFi setup process as it acts as a 'temporary door' which allows you to invite the Tablo on to your home network. Once WiFi setup is complete, the 'temporary door' will disappear as it is no longer needed.