Why Is My Tablo App Displaying a ‘Broadcast Signal Error’ Message?

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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If you see the following message appear in your Tablo app, your DVR is experiencing a problem with the Over-the-Air signal quality or strength coming from your TV antenna on one or more channels:



Your Tablo has encountered a problem with Over-the-Air signal quality on channel X.
Please wait while your Tablo recovers.

Seeing this message frequently? Visit www.tablotv.com/signal for troubleshooting tips.


In most cases, the broadcast channel that triggered the error will be indicated.

NOTE - The signal strength indicator dots within your Tablo app are a snapshot of your Over-the-Air reception at the time of your last channel scan. It is possible for a channel that previously showed 5 green dots to become unstable.

For an accurate representation of the current signal strength coming from your Over-the-Air antenna, go to Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan > Add to Guide.

Sources of Problems with Over-the-Air Quality or Strength
Problems with Over-the-Air signal reception can be temporary or ongoing and caused by one or more of the following:

  • Changes or problems with your Over-the-Air antenna setup
  • A problem with the positioning of your Over-the-Air antenna
  • A problem with the connection between your Over-the-Air antenna and your Tablo DVR
  • A change in the broadcast signal or parameters at the broadcast source/tower
  • Over-the-Air signal interference

Troubleshooting Steps for Problems with Signal Quality or Strength
There are steps you can take to avoid this message in the future and improve the Over-the-Air signal quality and strength coming into your Tablo, including:

  • Review your Over-the-Air antenna’s positioning to make sure it hasn’t moved or been damaged.
  • Ensure the coaxial connection between your Over-the-Air antenna and your Tablo is solid.
  • Remove or avoid splits in the coaxial connection from your antenna. Distributing a signal from a single Over-the-Air antenna to your Tablo and other devices at the same time can significantly reduce overall signal strength.
  • Broadcasters can alter the broadcast frequency or other parameters of a channel, especially as the Channel Repack Running a fresh channel scan in your Tablo’s app (Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan > Add to Guide) can often resolve errors generated at the broadcast source/tower.
  • Sources of Over-the-Air interference can pop up suddenly. Review the list of potential sources of interference and work to either mitigate or avoid them altogether.

If you’ve taken all these steps and the channel at fault continues to experience poor or fluctuating reception, this channel should be removed from your lineup until your Over-the-Air antenna setup can be improved.  


If the error message was unable to identify the channel at fault, or you believe you are seeing this message in error, don’t hesitate to touch base directly with Tablo Support with details.