Starting Your Tablo Cloud DVR Trial

Beginning the Trial

To begin your Tablo's Cloud DVR Trial, navigate to the Tablo app of your choice (screenshots below are from the Tablo web app at and navigate to the Settings screen. Select the Manage My Subscription button.




To enable the Tablo Cloud DVR,  select Start Trial.


Once you have selected the Start Trial button, your Tablo will now be able to record to the Tablo Cloud DVR.


Recording to the Tablo Cloud

Sending your recordings to the cloud is simple. If you have started your Cloud DVR trial and do not have an external hard drive connected, your recordings will, by default, be stored in the Tablo Cloud.


Recording to an External Hard Drive

The Tablo Dual Lite provides optional access to the Tablo Cloud while still providing the option to choose your own storage method. If you would rather use external storage, just connect using the Android, iOS, or web-based application and plug your hard drive into the Tablo's USB port. Within 10-15 seconds, you should receive an on-screen format prompt to get your hard drive ready for use.

While an external hard drive is connected to your Dual Lite, it will default to using that drive as its primary storage device; all future recordings will be saved to disk. Any recordings which were previously saved to the Tablo Cloud will remain there but will still be fully accessible by the Tablo.

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