4th Generation Tablo App Interface Badges

Tablo Support - Chris
Tablo Support - Chris
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The Tablo app interface flags programs with colorful badges. These give you, at a glance, handy information about the status of a particular airing of that program.

It’s important to differentiate between series and programs because badges do not appear on series listings, only airings of a specific program.

For instance, if you go to SPORTS > ALL SPORTS the show listings will show no badges. However, once you click on Stanley Cup Final, you will see all the airings for that series. The blue New and green Upcoming badges will be displayed on every upcoming game.





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The orange Rec badge will be shown when a program is scheduled to be recorded or is currently being recorded. It's visible in both the overall series information screen in your Library as well as the list of specific airings within that series.




The blue Live badge signifies that a program is currently airing.

If you select a program with the badge from the Home Screen, it will begin playback immediately. If you select a program with the Live badge elsewhere in the app, it will take you to the program details first, where you can then select WATCH LIVE. 




There are two instances when the New badge is used.



For New Airings

New is flagged when the program in question is new to the channel.

All news episodes are New. The same with current talk shows.

Movies will be flagged New if they are new to a channel. Filming date is not a consideration. For instance, a movie released three years ago can still be flagged as new. A popular movie released last year might not be flagged as new. It all depends on if the movie has aired on the channel before.


For New Recordings

Unwatched recordings within a series are also flagged New. This is to differentiate between recorded programs that have already been watched and those you haven’t watched yet.



The green Upcoming flag denotes a program airing in the future. Upcoming is replaced with Live when the program is in progress.

Example: It’s currently 8:00 a.m. Program A is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. The Upcoming badge is currently displayed. At 9:00 a.m. the badge will switch from Upcoming to Live.




The blue Protected badge is flagged after you protect a recording from the auto-delete process. It's visible for airings on the home page of iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. On TV-based apps, you'll see the badges only after you've drilled down to the episode details.




The orange Conflict badge is flagged whenever you attempt to schedule more recordings within a specific timeslot than you have tuners available on your Tablo device. It’s there to warn you that a specific program will not record because the Tablo does not have enough available tuners within that timeslot.

Example: I have a 2-tuner Tablo. I already have Airing A and Airing C set to record at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. When I try to set up Airing B to record at 9:00 a.m. as well, it’s flagged as a conflict as my Tablo does not have any remaining tuners. 



The orange Failed badge is flagged when a recording fails. This can happen for several reasons including power outages, weak signals from your TV antenna, or internet or server outages in the case of streaming channel recordings.



Badge Combos

Multiple badges can be displayed at the same time. This is expected. The order the badges will appear in is as follows: Live, New, Rec/Conflict.

The failed badge is the only badge that will never be displayed with others.

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Live Grid

Badges work differently on the Live TV grid and differ depending on the app you’re using.

The Live TV grid only shows the New and Rec badges across all apps.


For Roku on the Live Grid

The New and Rec badges look different on the Roku app's live grid. A Rec with a conflict will be orange. A Rec with no conflict will be yellow.



For Android TV, Fire TV, Samsung, LG and Apple TV on the Live Grid

The Live grid New badge is blue.

Programs that are/will be recorded are underlined in yellow unless there is a conflict in which case it will be underlined in orange.



For iOS and Android Mobile Apps on the Live Grid

On the Live grid on mobile devices, the New badge is white, recordings are yellow and conflicts are orange.