What Smart TV models or brands have a 4th Generation Tablo app?

Tablo Support - Lauren
Tablo Support - Lauren
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Our team is hard at work on Apple TV and Smart TV apps. We hope to have them available soon, but we don't have an ETA at this time.


The 4th Gen Tablo currently supports some of the following smart TV brands and styles:

  • Roku Smart TVs (multiple manufacturers)
  • Amazon Fire TV Edition smart TVs (multiple manufacturers)
  • Android TV smart TVs (multiple manufacturers)

Note: The 4th Generation Tablo does not currently support smart TV applications on Samsung, LG, or Vizio smart TVs. These apps are being developed now and we hope to release them soon.

If you are using a Samsung, LG, or Vizio smart TV, we recommend purchasing and connecting a compatible Roku, Fire TV, or Android TV device to your television so you can download the Tablo application.