Troubleshooting Failed Recordings

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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 If your Tablo is unable to successfully record a scheduled airing, the recording will fail. If this happens, the failed recording will display in the Tablo app with a failure message specifying how/why the recording failed.


For example:

The most common reasons for failed recordings are:

  • Inclement weather: (remember, OTA reception is affected by the weather). You can prevent this by improving your reception.


  • No hard drive being present: if the hard drive is removed from the Tablo, the recording doesn’t have anywhere to be stored. The Tablo will still show you the failed recording and error message in this case.


  • USB Disconnects: if your hard drive OR its cable is damaged or corrupted in any way, this can cause USB disconnects to and from the Tablo. If these kinds of disconnects occur during the recordings, they can cause the recording to be split in multiple pieces. In some cases, this can cause the recording to fail entirely. To prevent this from happening, try replacing your USB hard drive OR its cable.