Overdriving Your Tablo's Tuners

Tablo David
Tablo David
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Do your channels all have green dots in a recent channel scan but you’re still experiencing poor video quality?

You could be overdriving or over-amplifying your Tablo’s tuners and signal. This can happen if you use a low-grade, powerful amplifier attached to your already powerful antenna OR if you live very close to your local broadcast towers.

While amplifiers are good tools for boosting the signal strength of your TV antenna when you have marginal reception, they can potentially harm the quality of your signal as they also boost the noise (aka any errors) in the broadcast signal. 

This can cause channels with dropped packets and poor quality to appear as a channel with a 'good' signal (i.e. green dots).

In this scenario, the first step is to remove any external amplifiers, and/or in the case of the 4th gen Tablo disable the in-line amplifier, and begin troubleshooting your antenna without over-amplifying the signal.

If you are not using any amplification, you can consider placing your TV antenna in a slightly less optimal location, or purchase antenna attenuators which are low-cost and easily installed to knock down the signal strength coming in from your antenna.

Make sure to run and save a fresh channel scan after each troubleshooting step.


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