Connecting to Tablo Away from Home

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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For an updated guide, take a look at this knowledge base article.

Part 1: How to get Tablo Connect working.


To enable access to your Tablo when outside your home network you will need to enable the Tablo Connect feature in the settings screen.


If the router has been successfully programmed and your Tablo is registered with the network server, the Tablo Connect switch will turn blue and your Tablo app will note that your Tablo is “Ready for remote access”.


If you see a screen similar to the one below, your router needs forward the ports the Tablo needs in order to enable the Tablo Connect feature.



Some routers are more common than others. In particular, many ISPs (Internet service providers) will install the same model, or series of routers when you sign up for Internet service. The most common routers that you can set up port forwarding with are listed below, with step-by-step guides.


AT&T Routers








If your router is not listed above, you can find it in this list:


For more information on how Tablo Connect works, visit: Chapter 6 - Connecting to Tablo Away from Home: Part 2.