Using Tablo with Roku

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Note: The Roku does not currently support initial setup of your Tablo. You'll need to complete this via one of our other apps (iOS, Android or web).

Roku Remote Shortcuts using the Tablo app


The Tablo channel is available in the Roku channel store under the 'TV & Movies' category. The Tablo app is supported on the current generations of the Roku 1-4 and HDMI stick.

It is not currently possible to use Tablo Connect (our out-of-home streaming feature) via the Roku app. 

Connect to Your Tablo

Select the Tablo channel, and then select the Tablo you want to connect to. Users with only one Tablo should only have a single device in the list.  

Once you have connected to your Tablo, you will be brought to Tablo Roku channel home screen.

On the home screen you will see links to the sections available within the Roku app including: Live TV, Recordings, TV Shows, Movies, Sports and Scheduled recordings.


Live TV Screen

The Live TV screen displays a list of programs that are currently playing on your available channels. 

Selecting a show from the list will launch the video player. Once the video is playing, pause and rewind controls are available. 

Recordings Screen

The recordings screen provides access to all of your previously recorded programs. Recordings can be sorted by air date, genre, popularity and alphabetically. 

When you select a recording to watch, a synopsis of the series is displayed.  

Selecting ‘episodes’ will bring you to the list of previously recorded episodes for that series. 

Once you have selected an episode, you will be prompted to either select Play, read more (the synopsis) or delete the recording.


TV Shows Screen  

The TV shows screen will show you any and all TV shows coming up within the next 14 days. The list is sorted alphabetically, and the alphabetic axis on the right hand side of the screen can be used for faster scrolling.


This screen can also be used to filter between: Primetime, Movies, Sports and All. Each of these screens will display their respective filter for the next 14 days of upcoming guide data.


Scheduling a Recording

When you select a program to record, you will have a choice to view the episodes pending to air (within the next 14 days), the option to record all future episodes, or the option to only record future new episodes. 


Users without a subscription will be able to schedule recordings 24-hours in advance. For more information on using Tablo without a subscription, visit our blog post

Scheduled Screen

From this screen you can view all of your pending recordings.

Scheduled recordings are sorted by air date.

When you select a recording, you have the option to un-schedule the recording and schedule additional new recordings for that show.