Can't Connect to Tablo app

If you’re having trouble connecting to the Tablo apps using your Android Smartphone, Smart TV, Xbox or the Tablo web app at follow the steps below.
Note: these instructions are to solve local/home network connectivity issues.
Start by rebooting your Tablo.
To reboot your Tablo, quickly press and release the blue reset button on the back right of the box.
Wait for the blue LED on the front of the Tablo to stop flashing. This should take around one (1) minute.
While the Tablo reboots, open up the Tablo app.
If you’re stuck in a ‘Connecting’ screen, select ‘cancel’ when the button appears.
You should be brought  to the 'Connect to Tablo' screen.
A red X OR a ‘Delete’ button should be visible.
Select the red X (or Delete button) and confirm to delete the Tablo from that device.
Then select 'Rescan' and 'Connect' to the Tablo below the 'New Tablo's header.
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