Wi-Fi Connection Was Working But Has Failed

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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If you have previously set up your Tablo to connect to your network using Wi-Fi, check to see if the Tablo LED is flashing or is solid. A flashing LED indicates the Tablo has not been able to connect to your Wi-Fi router.

To verify this, use the device used to set up Wi-Fi access (tablet with Wi-Fi) to see if Tablo_XXXX is displayed as a Wireless network. If it is, your Tablo has switched back to Access Point Mode because it was unable to connect to your Wi-Fi router. In this case try the following:

  • See if you can connect a different Wi-Fi device (tablet, smartphone…) to your router at the same location as your Tablo and verify that the SSID (name of the Wireless network) and password has not changed.
  • If you do not see the wireless network for your router on your device, the router placement may have been affected causing the wireless signal to no longer reach the location of the Tablo.
  • If you see the Wireless network but cannot connect, the router may have been configured with a new SSID or password. You will need to look in your router’s configuration settings to determine the new SSID and password. In this case, use the Edit Wi-Fi option to configure the Tablo to access the network with updated credentials.
  • If Tablo is still unable to connect, verify that the router is set for WPA or WPA2 authentication.