Chapter 3 - Download the Tablo App

Your Tablo can be set up and controlled by either an iOS (iPhone, iPad) app, an Android App (smartphones and tablets), or by using a web browser (PC and Mac).

This section will explain how to download the Tablo App to your iPad.

For a full list of the Tablo apps, visit this page:

For iPad users:

The iOS Tablo App is an iPad or iPhone application and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store. It requires iOS 12 or higher. 

First go to the App store on you iPad.

Search for Tablo.

Install the free Tablo App.


For Android Users:

The Tablo App for Android tablets can be downloaded from the Google Play App Store.


Browser-based App:

Tablo can also be set up from a web browser running on your PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone. To access the browser app, visit


The app is currently optimized for Google Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge browsers.

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