What technologies does it work with? What devices can I use to watch programs?

Tablo enables you to browse, record and stream live HDTV programming on the following devices:

  • Tablet computer running Apple iOS 8 or Android 4.1 (with a native app)

  • Apple and Android smartphones (with a browser-based app)

  • PC or Mac computers (with a browser-based app)

  • Televisions using enabling devices including:

    • Amazon Fire TV (and stick)
    • Android TV
    • AppleTV (With iOS devices)
    • Roku 1-4 and HDMI stick
    • Google Chromecast (With Android devices)

For download links to all of our apps, visit: 


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    Roku 2 does not seem to work with either my analog or my HDTV, Although, the Roku 3 works perfectly with the same TV. Both were purchased a couple of months ago when I pre-ordered the Tablo. The Roku 2 accepts the channel app. When you select the Tablo app, the Tablo screen displays and you can see screen where live TV as well as Recorded TV etc. options. However, when you click on a specific program to play in either section, the screen goes dark for a split second and dumps you back to the same screen. No show can be played. Help.

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    N. Ahern

    I haven't found how to get the content from my tablet to the TV using Chromecast. Where is the "Chromecast" button on the Tablo app screen?

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    Brandon Stevens

    Is there instructions on how to use a chromecast to play the Tablo on your TV? I can't find an explanation or directions anywhere on how to connect these two devices.

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