What kind of Hard Drives does Tablo support?

Tablo currently supports external hard drives that are USB2 compatible. This includes USB 3.0 drives that are backwards compatible. 

Our most recommended drive is the Western Digital Elements. Any size!

We do not currently support:

  • USB Flash storage – Flash is simply not fast enough
  • Networked (NAS) storage – There is too wide a variation in network speeds to support this
  • Internal hard drives placed in external enclosures as they can cause frequent USB disconnects and communication issues.

For additional information on which hard drives work best with Tablo, visit: https://www.tablotv.com/blog/how-much-tablo-dvr-recording-storage/

The Tablo community forum has a thread compiling a list of hard drives that our users have seen success with. Visit that thread here.

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