What Do I Get When I Buy Tablo?

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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What comes in the box when you purchase Tablo depends on which model you buy.

All of Tablo's apps are free and can be viewed/downloaded to their respective platforms here.


4th Generation Tablo Devices

When you purchase a 4th generation Tablo we include:

  • Tablo DVR & streaming device with 50+ hours of onboard storage
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity for optimal antenna placement
  • Power supply and optional 4′ Ethernet cable
  • Rolling 14 days of TV Guide Data, no subscription required 
  • Quick start guide
  • 35-mile indoor TV antenna (12.59" wide x 6.29" tall), 6′ coaxial cable, antenna mounting strips (Tablo Total System only)



Network-connected Tablo DVRs 

When you purchase a network-connected Tablo model (Tablo DUAL LITE, Tablo DUAL 128GB, Tablo QUAD, Tablo QUAD 1TB) we include:

  • The Tablo DVR
  • A power adapter 
  • A 4-foot Ethernet cable
  • A Quick Start Guide


TV-connected Tablo DVRs

When you purchase a TV-connected Tablo model (Tablo DUAL HDMI, Tablo QUAD HDMI) we include:

  • The Tablo DVR
  • A Tablo remote
  • A power adapter 
  • A 5-foot Ethernet cable
  • A 5-foot HDMI cable
  • A Quick Start Guide