Troubleshooting the Tablo Power Supply

Tablo Support - Derek
Tablo Support - Derek
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In some rare cases, your Tablo device's power supply may fail.

This can cause a few different symptoms:

  • Tablo may be unable to boot up
  • The connected hard drive may be unable to operate correctly
  • Tablo may reboot unexpectedly



Troubleshooting Power Supply Issues

The blue LED on the Tablo should light up when the unit is powered on.

If the blue LED on the Tablo is unable to light up, or you suspect the power supply may not be working correctly, here are a few troubleshooting steps to take:

  1. Connect the Tablo to a different outlet or power source.
  2. If the Tablo is connected to a power strip or surge protector, try plugging it directly into the outlet on the wall.
  3. Try connecting a phone charger to the USB port on the Tablo, and then plug in a smartphone to charge. If the phone is able to draw a charge then the power supply is working correctly.

If the Tablo is still unable to boot up, and the phone is unable to draw power, we recommend purchasing a new power supply.

If the Tablo is experiencing unexpected reboots, these tips may help to troubleshoot if the power supply is at fault: 

  1. Disconnect the hard drive from the Tablo, and then play a channel on Live TV.
  2. If Live TV is able to play without the Tablo rebooting, the hard drive may not be getting enough power, or the hard drive may be having an issue.
  3. If the Tablo still unexpectedly reboots without the hard drive connected, the power supply may be failing. 

If you suspect your connected hard drive is failing, or if the Tablo continues to reboot unexpectedly, please contact Tablo Support for additional troubleshooting assistance.