How To Set Up your Network Connected Tablo After Moving To A New Home

Tablo Support - Kyle
Tablo Support - Kyle
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When you move to a new home with your Tablo, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Install your TV antenna
  2. Connect your Tablo to the internet
  3. Update your ZIP code and perform a new channel scan
  4. Update scheduled recordings if needed

Install your TV Antenna

Make sure that your TV antenna is installed in an optimal location and is the right type of model for your new home. If you move closer or further from your local broadcast towers, or to an area where channels are broadcast on VHF frequencies, you may need a new antenna.

You will also need to ensure that your antenna is connected to the coaxial port on the back of your Tablo.


Connect Your Tablo to the Internet

To connect your Tablo to the internet, you do not need to factory reset it. If your Tablo will be located adjacent to your router, we recommend using an ethernet connection.

If an ethernet connection is not possible, you will need to use Wi-Fi. Look at the blue LED light on the Tablo, it should be in one of two states:

  • Solid blue
  • Pulsing

If the LED light is solid blue, your Tablo already has an internet connection. This would likely be the case if you are using the same router with the same Wi-Fi name and password. In this case, you may proceed to the next step. If you need to change what Wi-Fi network your Tablo is on, you may edit your Tablo's Wi-Fi network using the instructions linked here.

If the blue LED light is pulsing, this means your Tablo is in wireless setup mode. Follow the instructions linked here to set your Tablo up on your new Wi-Fi network.


Update Your ZIP Code and Perform a New Channel Scan

If you moved to a new ZIP code, you will need to update your ZIP code. To do so, launch the Tablo app wherever you usually watch your Tablo. Then navigate to Settings > Edit Location. After you update your location, you will be prompted to perform a new channel scan to determine what channels are available in your area.


Update Scheduled Recordings If Needed

For legacy Tablo devices with an active subscription as well as 4th generation Tablo devices, your recordings will continue as long as they are available in your new area. If you do not have an active subscription on your legacy Tablo device, you will need to adjust your scheduled recordings manually. For a guide on setting up manual recordings, please see the link here.