Safe Operating Temperatures and Optimal Placements for Tablo

Tablo Support - David
Tablo Support - David
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Every electronic device that consumes power generates heat and this heat must be dissipated into the surrounding environment. This heat can be dissipated actively using a fan or passively using a heat sink.

When we designed Tablo, we elected to use passive cooling for totally silent operation and improved reliability.

Tablo can be passively cooled since it is very power efficient.


How Warm Does Tablo Get?

If your Tablo feels warm don't worry: that is the way it has been engineered to operate.

When your Tablo is powered on, it will warm to about 48-52 degrees C / 118-125 degrees F, which will be perceived to be warm to the touch. 

This is within the optimal operating range of all the electronic components and way below the maximum temperature for internal components (110 Degrees C / 230 degrees F).

However, we do recommend that you do not place your Tablo in direct sunlight or place it in a hot or unventilated area as you would any other electronic device.


What is the Best Placement for Tablo?

The ideal location for your Tablo DVR is generally next to your home router as we recommend a wired (Ethernet) connection whenever possible. However, there are several things to keep in mind when positioning your devices…


Avoid Extremes 

Tablo units are passively cooled and are happiest at room temperature 41°F - 95°F or 5°C - 35°C. This means that Tablo shouldn’t live in garages or attics where it can get too cold or too warm, or experience major temperature swings which can create condensation inside the unit.


Give It Some Personal Space

As Tablo does not include a fan for cooling, it needs a bit of breathing room to function at its best.

Make sure to place it on a hard surface with at least a few inches between it and any neighboring electronics or surfaces.

Never box it in or stack other electronics (like the hard drive) on top or underneath it.

Also, make sure it can’t be accidentally covered with other items, such as clothes, etc.

It is not recommended to place your Tablo and router away in a closed/unventilated cabinet.

All electronics need to breathe, so make sure they have access to air and space in order to do so.