Setting a Manual Recording on Tablo ENGINE

With a Tablo ENGINE subscription, it takes just a single click to set something up to record.

But sometimes, you might need more granular options for setting recordings which is why Tablo ENGINE's companion web app allows users to set manual recordings by date/time/channel.

To set a manual recording, go to the web app at

Click on Scheduled in the Menu:




Then click on the + sign in the top right hand corner. 




You'll be presented with a menu that will allow you to set either a one time or recurring manual recording:



Make sure to give your recording a good name so you can find it in the recordings section of the app when you want to watch it. 

Select the channel, date, start time and duration of your manual recording and hit done.

When the recording is complete, you'll be able to find it in the Recordings section of the Tablo ENGINE app. 

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