Tablo ENGINE Settings Screen

The Tablo ENGINE Settings screen is viewable by selecting your Tablo ENGINE's name at the top of the navigation bar.

The first section of the Settings screen displays your Tablo ENGINE's subscription status. For more information on how to register your Tablo ENGINE for a subscription, visit this article.


The storage section of the Settings screen will display how much remaining storage is available to the Tablo ENGINE.

The Tablo ENGINE will display all available external storage. However, it will not be able to use more than 80% of the attached storage. This allows the NVIDIA SHIELD to use the rest of this storage space for system data and other applications.

If auto-delete is enabled, the Tablo ENGINE will keep a minimum amount of storage available. It will delete your oldest, watched recordings as the storage on the hard drive is filled.


While the 'Don't record duplicates' feature is enabled, the Tablo will not record the same airing (TV show or Movie) more than once if a copy already exists on your Tablo ENGINE's hard drive.

While the 'Extend Live Recordings' featured enabled, the Tablo ENGINE will automatically extend any live broadcasts by up to a maximum of 50% of their original length.






The Surround Sound Passthrough setting controls how Tablo ENGINE sends audio to your speakers. When enabled, Tablo ENGINE will send surround sound (AC3) audio if the connected output device is supported. Otherwise, Tablo ENGINE will send audio using a compatible format.

When disabled, Tablo ENGINE will always send audio using the most compatible format.

If you work with the Tablo Support Team, we may ask you to upload debug information. This button will only appear if the Tablo Support Team has enabled debug mode on your unit.



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