Troubleshooting Tablo ENGINE

If you are having issues with Tablo ENGINE, they can often be solved by using some of the basic troubleshooting techniques found below. 


Lost permission to USB Tuner

If your NVIDIA SHIELD is rebooted or suffers a power outage, the Tablo ENGINE's tuner may lose its permission to the NVIDIA SHIELD. This could cause recordings and/or live TV to fail. The Tablo ENGINE will detect if/when this happens, and will prompt you to re-enable tuner permissions from the app. The Tablo ENGINE will direct you to the Settings screen of the app, where a toggle to restore tuner permissions will be available.




Run a New Channel Scan

If you are having issues with video breakup, pixelation or failed recordings, running a channel scan may help you find the root cause of the issue. You can run a new channel scan by opening the Tablo app and navigating to:

Once you connect to your Tablo, run a new channel scan. You can run a channel scan through any of the Tablo apps by navigating to: Settings > Guide > Channel lineup > Rescan.


If your channel scan indicates that your channels have poor reception, here are a few ways you can improve your reception:

  • Make sure the antenna is as high up as possible.
  • Try to avoid splitting the coaxial connection - there is a significant DB loss to the signal when you split the connection. 
  • - Reference to ensure that your antenna is pointed in correct direction.
  • Here's a link on optimal antenna placement:
  • Shorten your coaxial cable; the longer the cable, the more lossy the connection will become.
  • Conduct frequent channel scans to test your changes (Settings > Edit channel lineup > Rescan).


Force close the Tablo ENGINE app

If you are experiencing persistent issues with the Tablo ENGINE app that are not solved by exiting and re-opening the app, force closing the app may help address the issue.

Note: Force closing the Tablo ENGINE app will interrupt recordings in-progress.

Force closing the Tablo app will cause the app to restart. This is the equivalent to rebooting a computer - all processes are restarted. You can Force Stop the Tablo ENGINE app by navigating to:

Settings > Apps > Tablo ENGINE > Force stop.


If these steps do not successfully solve your issue, we recommend consulting the Tablo Knowledge BaseTablo Community or Tablo Support team for further assistance.




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