Tablo ENGINE compatible hard drives


When using Tablo ENGINE on a 16 GB NVIDIA SHIELD streaming media device model, you will need to add a USB hard drive to store your recordings. On 500 GB NVIDIA SHIELD PRO home media server models recordings can be stored to the internal drive or you can choose to use an external drive.

Tablo ENGINE on NVIDIA SHIELD currently supports external hard drives with the following specifications:

  • External hard drives using USB 3.0 (USB 3.0 hard drives are USB 2.0 compatible)
  • Up to 8TB of storage. Since Tablo ENGINE does not transcode video, it can use up to 8 GB/hour of HD recording so larger drives should be preferred. 

Drives We Recommend
We’ve had excellent success with portable hard drives from Western Digital (specifically, the Elements line) as well as Seagate (specifically the Expansion line).

While the drives above are recommended, any external USB 3.0 drive purchased off-the-shelf in a consumer electronics store should work without any issues. Not sure about compatibility? Ask our support team.




Not Recommended
While NVIDIA SHIELD does support Flash storage we do not recommend using it for Tablo ENGINE as it does not offer fast enough read/write speeds.



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